The Barisal City Corporation was formed on January 1, 1993, comprising six coastal districts (Barisal, Patuakhali, Bhola, Barguna, Jhalokati and Pirojpur) in the southern part of Bangladesh. The organization was established on March 25, 2004 by a group of college students living on Hospital Road, Ward 19, of the city corporation on the banks of the Kirtonkhola River. The organization was registered on July 8, 2007 by the District Social Service Office, Barisal, for conducting programs on various issues including violence against women, child marriage, environmental protection and drugs. Since then, the organization has been expanding its activities with the help of government and non-government organizations and individuals and has been conducting various developmental programs including protection of the rights of the transgender community including children, adolescents and the disabled.


UTTHAN is a community-based non-profit, non-political and non-governmental voluntary charity. Education, Health, Child Marriage, Women Violence, Child Abuse, Human Trafficking, Acid throwing, Has adopted various plans for human rights protection and establishment of good governance including HIV/AIDS prevention, women empowerment. The company has the capacity to implement any project big or small as it has skilled and trained manpower. All types of activities are conducted under the direct leadership of the executive council of the organization.

Our Vision

UTTHAN works to establish a just society based on values including social justice, human dignity, equality, fairness, good governance, secularism in protecting the rights of the poor and marginalized people living in urban and rural areas. Which works for the welfare of the underprivileged people irrespective of social inequality, persecution, oppression, corruption and race, religion and caste.

Our Mission/Aims

The main objective of UTTHAN is to ensure the participation of all by undertaking various projects aimed at protecting the basic rights of the urban and rural poor and marginalized. To assist the administration in enforcing the necessary laws to protect the rights of poor, helpless, oppressed and oppressed women and children and to establish good governance. To undertake and manage projects to ensure safe food, clothing, shelter, education and health care for all neglected communities including orphans, street children, transgender people and sex workers with the aim of alleviating poverty and conducting anti-social awareness programs

Main Objects

The overall goal of this organization is to establish a socially non-discriminatory society for the poor, the neglected and the marginalized. Some of the specific objectives of establishing a society without social discrimination are as follows:


  • * To ensure the participation of women in all activities of equal rights in establishing a just society and equal rights.
  • * Ensuring the presence and empowerment of the poor and marginalized.
  • * Ensuring education for children, adolescents and illiterate adults with a view to increasing the rate of education.
  • * To create guaranteed income opportunities including employment for the poor.
  • * To create women's empowerment in the society with the aim of establishing equal rights for poor, helpless, oppressed and downtrodden women.
  • * Ensuring the establishment of social justice, harmony and peace among all people through the establishment of human rights, legal rights and fundamental    rights.
  • * Eliminate gender inequality among people of all communities to ensure social inequality.
  • * To create public awareness among the people for environmental development.
  • * Promoting all kinds of legal measures to prevent violence against women, including the prevention of trafficking in women and children.
  • * To increase agricultural production by adopting modern strategies by involving women in economic development and productive activities.
  • * To develop the environment by creating home gardens including nursery, social forestry, commercial forestry for the purpose of economic development    including tackling climate change and environmental protection.
  • * Introduce telecommunication management preparation and rehabilitation programs.
  • * To take up skill based programs to create income and employment opportunities for the poor.
  • * To ensure fish farming in all types of water bodies including local ponds, canals, beels, lakes for the purpose of increasing fish resources.
  • * Adoption of safe drinking water to protect the health of the poor and adoption of sanitation programs including innovation of new technologies to improve    environmental conditions.


UTTHAN will dedicate its resources for the empowerment and emancipation of the disadvantaged women, men. Adolescents and children by raising their critical consciousness realizing their creative potentials and building people’s organization to improve their socio-economic status enabling establishment of genuine democracy and good governance.


*  Introducing the organization nationally as well as globally.

*  Establishing a Strong network and liaison with GO, NGO & civil society.

*  Adopting people Participatory, community demanding and
    contemporary programs.

*  Maximum utilization of local resources.

*  Developing human resources.

*  Increasing the involvement in different media.

*  Applying integrated approach.        



*  Gender equality

*   Attitude to learn

*  like-minded

*  Participatory decision-making

*  Sympathy to people

*  Committed to work

*  Secular

*  Competition and co-operation

*  Humanity is the priority

*  Group effort-not individual



Poor, neglected, oppressed, helpless people especially women and children, orphans, adolescents, street children, transgender, sex workers living below the poverty line, disabled, river erosion affected, landless, marginal farmers, widows, fishermen, day laborers, destitute Community.


General Council

The General Assembly of the organization has the highest power. A general council meeting is convened at least once a year at the request of the executive council president. The annual budget of the organization is approved in the general assembly meeting. Members of the General Assembly have to renew their membership in December every year.

Executive Council

The Executive Council is constituted every three years by direct/indirect vote of the members of the General Assembly. The president of the executive council is ex officio the chief executive of the organization. The Chief Executive is directly assisted by the members of the Executive Council in the implementation of any project of the organization. Executive Council meetings are held at least three times a year at the invitation of the President.


The issues to be approved in the meeting of the Executive Council are-

  • *To give policy and direction for efficient function of UTTHAN.
  • *To approve the Annual Budget of "UTTHAN" drown up by EC of UTTHAN.
  • *To consider the Annual Report prepared by Executive Committee of UTTHAN.
  • *To consider the balance sheet and audit accounts for the previous year and appoint auditors.


The Executive Council subject to General and supervision of the Executive Council purses and carries out the object of " UTTHAN" as   set forth in the constitution of UTTHAN. The Executive Council is responsible for the management and administration of the affairs of " UTTHAN" in accordance with the articles of the constitution and rules and by law made there under. The affairs of " UTTHAN" are managed by the Executive Council which has the responsibility to determine direction and scope of the activities of UTTHAN. It is also the responsibility to direct designing of programs and implementation. The Executive Council will exercise full management and financial control of UTTHAN.


Registration No:-Bari-1292/07, Date:- 08/07/2007. Registered with Department of Social Service Barisal. Ministry of Social Welfare. The People Republic of Bangladesh.