Become a Member

Citizens of Bangladesh aged 18-60 years, who have a sound mind, who have knowledge and understanding of good and bad, who are in agreement with the aims and objectives of the organization, can apply for the post of special member of the organization. The applicant has to download the application form No. 1 from the link below and apply according to the rules.
Please Downloaded Membership Application Form

Become a Volunteer

Any man or woman between the ages of 18-60 who is interested in volunteering as a member of the Upazila, Municipality, District or Divisional Committee under the Human Rights Protection Program conducted by the organization should download the application form No. 2 from the link below and apply as per the rules.
Please Downloaded Volunteer Application Form

Become a Election Observer

UTTHAN monitors local and national elections, including raising awareness, under the "Good Governance and Democracy Protection Program" to establish the country's constitutional rights. If you want to prove your eligibility as an observer during the election, you have to download the observer form from the link below, fill it properly and send it along with the required documents to the address of the organization within 5 (five) days of the Election Commission announcing the schedule.
Please Downloaded Election Observer Application Form

Become a Project Partner

Any well-meaning person and organization can implement any project in partnership with the organization for the development of the organization. In that case the partnership agreement will be executed through fruitful negotiations between the partners.

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Become a Project Sponsor

Individuals or organizations established in the country or abroad can be a partial or full sponsor of the implemented project to increase the awareness of any product. In that case the contract will be executed in consultation with the sponsoring organization or individual.

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Become a Donor

Domestic or foreign charitable individuals or organizations can send any amount of aid to the organization for the development of the organization or to assist the person or family at risk due to natural or man-made disasters or epidemics. People in danger will be assisted by the organization as much as possible. Any grant will remain income tax free. If necessary, the name of the donor will be kept confidential.

Please any amount Donat Our Bank Account

Bank Details :

  • Account Name              : UTTHAN
  • Account Number          : 1013003500557 (Jointly Operate)  
  • Bank Name                   :  National Bank Ltd, Barisal Brach.
  • Swift Code                    :  NBLBBDDH013